James Clarkston  
Classical /Flamenco Guitarist Based In San Diego
(858) 412-9307


Guitarist James Clarkston composes music for commercials on TV & Radio in San Diego and Los Angeles. 
As a versatile professional musician Guitarist James Clarkston has played Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar & Acoustic Guitar on commercials.

Guitarist James Clarkston composed this jingle for a Gas Grill Manufacturer that aired in California, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado.

John Cook the Mayor of El Paso, Texas hired Guitarist James Clarkston to perform music for one of his Radio Commercials. Guitarist James Clarkston played "This Land Is Your Land" by Woody Guthrie while John Cook sang the words to the altered lyrics..."El Paso's Your Land, El Paso's My Land". It was a hit that became the talk of the town and helped to get John Cook re-elected Mayor. 
The very first commercial that Guitarist James Clarkston did the music for was for his Mom's local business. The commercial aired over 100 times on local TV.

Guitarist James Clarkston's cd "Fiesta Mexicana" is the soundtrack to "Straight Line Curve" a documentary film that looks into the lives of seven Gay men who are cowboys in New Mexico. The men are all sort of the "Man's Man" type that nobody would imagine is gay. The director Ed Breeding had seen Guitarist James Clarkston performing at a Restaurant in Las Cruces, New Mexico and bought some cds. About a year later Ed Breeding got permission to use the "Fiesta Mexicana" cd as the soundtrack for the film.
On The Red Carpet Guitarist James Clarkston holding his "Fiesta Mexicana" cd with his Artist Wife Mel Clarkston who did the cover art on the cd. Documentary Film Director Ed Breeding is on the right holding a copy of "Straight Line Curve" at the White Sands International Film Festival.The film has been in several Independent Film Festivals. Both the film and the music received a glowing review in the San Diego Gay & Lesbian News. 
Guitarist James Clarkston's Original song "La Placita" is in a dvd that is given to the over 400 German families that get stationed at Ft. Bliss. The dvd is an introduction to life in El Paso & Ft. Bliss, Texas. The following clip is a segment of Guitarist James Clarkston's music in the dvd.
The owner of an Art Gallery in New Mexico hired Guitarist James Clarkston to perform his Original song "Sangria" in this TV Commercial which aired statewide. The song is on the "Infinite Possibilities cd.
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