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Classical /Flamenco Guitarist Based In San Diego
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Guitar Lessons in San Diego

Signing up for guitar lessons is a personal decision. You want a teacher who is personable, fun, and experienced. So why would you go to a website like Take Lessons? Many websites advertise unqualified instructors that can't even read music. Don't be fooled by the amateur who plays guitar and therefore thinks that he/she can teach lessons. Places like School Of Rock have a one size fits all approach to teaching music. Guitarist James Clarkston believes that every student is an individual and all individuals learn differently.
Guitarist James Clarkston has been playing guitar almost his entire life. As a child he wanted to join the rock group KISS, but he was too young and not quite ugly enough. Ha! Some of his early influences were classic rock bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones & Van Halen. His favorite group however, was KISS! He loved how they acted like monsters and owned the stage in every way. So just imagine his excitement when he met one of his childhood heroes: 
Ace Frehely of KISS right here in San Diego!

Guitarist James Clarkston knows & understands the excitement that you have for playing guitar! He is the best teacher to help you reach musical goals! 
Guitarist James Clarkston is the Musical Director of The La Jolla Kids Guitar Ensemble which practices every Sunday from 12-1pm at La Jolla Music. The La Jolla Kids Guitar Ensemble is open to kids ages 10-17 of all experience levels. Tuition is $100 per month.

Guitarist James Clarkston also teaches private guitar lessons at La Jolla Music. The cost is $35 per half hour lesson or $70 for one hour. Lessons are paid for on a monthly basis in advance. To sign up for the Private Lessons or The La Jolla Kids Guitar Ensemble call
(915) 345-0769 or (858) 459-3375.

Guitarist James Clarkston received many accolades after his performance in the 2014 La Jolla Christmas Parade. Guitarist James Clarkston is currently ranked as the #1 Classical/Flamenco Guitarist in San Diego by Reverbnation.

Guitarist James Clarkston is originally from El Paso, Texas and brings a wild west approach to music, he teaches students to own the stage in every way possible. His philosophy is to build self esteem through positive reinforcement. He has over 17 years of experience teaching private lessons and taught guitar to grades 5-12 at the Da Vinci Charter School in El Paso, Tx. He has performed for Ex-President George H.W. Bush & Barbara Bush by special invitation, and has recorded 12 Classical/Flamenco Guitar Cds. Ex-President Bill Clinton, Film & Music Legend Debbie Reynolds, ABC News Anchorman Sam Donaldson, and "Magic" Johnson all own cds by Guitarist James Clarkston.

 Areas of specialty include reading music, music theory, improvising, song writing, chord structure, and teaching students to play by ear. Students of Guitarist James Clarkston will become seasoned performers through solo and group concerts. Guitarist James
Clarkston is youthful & fun and accepts students of all ages.



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 Guitarist James Clarkston loves teaching beginners. He is an avid runner and loves beach side bon fires and making new friends!



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